Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Interview...

Interviewer: hahuhahuhahu (asks me to introduce myself)

Zka: hahuhahuhahu (introduce myself)

Interviewer: now please make a picture of an animal..

Zka: (draw a picture of dog that doesn't look like a dog)

Interviewer: now please show me how do you teach the kids to draw an animal..

Zka: (teach the imaginary kids to draw a turtle)

Interviewer: (pretends to be the student) I want the turtle to be on the beach...

Imaginary Zka: how about I make the turtle to be on your house..? Do you want the turtle to be on your house?

Imaginary Student: yes I want! Yes I want!! Can you draw the picture of my house?

Imaginary Zka: just take the picture home.. Take it home and the turtle is in your house.. It's simple, isn't it?

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