Friday, May 20, 2011

God didn't promise that the sky would always bright..

It's true.. I've been the brightest sky ever... But you have never realized that I'm actually a thing that lives in the different place... That's why I look bright.. Because I'm a thing from another place.. When you came to me, I was brighter than ever.. Because I was so excited knowing a thing from another place wanted to see me.. I look bright because I'm not from your world.. You look shiny because you're not from my world.. It looks like the rainbow is very close to the sky.. But the sky is something you don't understand... It was too late to realize that you were not belong to me.. That the rainbow wasn't belong to the sky.. That the sky was something undefined.. It was too late.. Because I've got such a euphoria that I haven't ever got since you came to my life.. I don't know how to stop.. I've lost all of the confidence in me to face everything.. I want to try hard, really.. But suddenly I realized that you were not from my world.. Seems your language was different.. Or maybe you didn't understand the language I used.. That's why I was the brightest sky you've ever seen.. Because I AM different.. You know, it's not easy to be a person like me.. Trying hard to be confident in everything.. But actually I know that I'm different..

*I'm listening to Sheila on 7's song.. "Pasti Ku Bisa"*
*I hope you can face everything*