Friday, August 10, 2012

Story About 'Having Another Job Interview'

It's like facing another nightmare.. Not because I'm not accepted.. But because I have to face the interview itself.. I don't know why it is called interview.. It's more like mirrorview for me.. I have to face the difficult, 'different', tiring person on the mirror.. It doesn't mean I'm not trying.. I'm trying hard all the time.. It's like I spend all of my energy on it.. But still, I have to face the fact that I am 'different'..
Last night he came to my dream as a nightmare.. The interviewer I mean.. Seems like I'll have to face him every time I sleep..
You have your own right to keep on dreaming about what do you want to be someday.. But you have to know something, even a great artist starts to make a beautiful art by drawing a model (except elephant).. The problem is, I don't know whether I am human or elephant.. What I mean is, I am too different to other.. I don't know what I am..

This morning I got a phone call from other restaurant.. He interviewed me by phone.. It's really 'art' for me.. I don't know the idea about having job interview by phone.. *Sorry, I don't know what "interview" is in part of speech*.. Why did he do that? Why didn't he just ask me to come and face me? And the other 'art' thing is he just hired me that way.. How art the universe is..

This is the end of the story.. What's on your mind? What in my mind is how universe is trying hard to make the world looks so art in front of me..

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Story About 'Writing My Application Letter'..

To whom it may concern..
Wherever you are...
Whatever company you have..

Let me introduce myself.. My name is Zka.. But you can call me anything.. Anything.. I mean it.. I am 25 years old..
I need a job.. A big JOB.. But size doesn't matter.. *What am I talking about actually?? Would you offer me a JOB..?? I hope you will..
You know what? I don't have expertise in any field.. The only thing I have is just dream.. Activity I do like the most is daydreaming.. I am good at daydreaming.. As you see, my English isn't that good.. But at least you know what I mean.. What I mean is, I do really really need a job..
That's all.. I hope this letter will let me to the funniest TV program in the world..

Sincerely yours,
Zka June

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Story About Princess and Rabbit..

One day, a beautiful Princess met a rabbit named Rabbit.. Then she started to talk to Rabbit as she was very much curious with the rabbit..
"Hi.." the princess opened the conversation..
"Hi beautiful Princess.." Rabbit answered..
"What are you doing here?"
"Hmm.. I'm just doing nothing.."
"What is doing nothing actually, Rabbit?"
"It is when you were thinking or daydreaming about something then your friend asked you what you were doing, you can answer with I'm doing nothing.."
"Oh I see.."
"What did you see?"
"I saw you.. With your innocent face.."
"Haha.. I'm Rabbit anyway.. What is your name beautiful princess?"
"You do know that I am a princess, how could you don't know my name?? And you are a rabbit, why were you named Rabbit?? It's totally ridiculous.."
"That's me.. The most ridiculous rabbit in this universe.."
"Is that true??"
"You decide.."
"Ok, I believe in you.. Would you be my friend Rabbit?"
"Only if you give me all your love.."
"But how to do that?? It is so impossible.. As you know, I've already engaged with the one I love.."
"You decide..."

-the end-

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Story About Social Network... Part 1..

Zka June 
to whom it may concern... just wake me up from this nightmare....
Zka June 
Morning has come.. But I didn't feel any different.. Still, I'm crazy..
Zka June 
It is very natural for a baby to be stronger.. I am 25 years old.. It should be easier for me for being stronger..
Zka June
don't tell anyone that I'm crazy.. ;)
Zka June 
Morningblue.. Fear.. just leave me alone this morning...
Zka June 
nightmare I can't face.. to the Rain.. Rainbow.. Rabbit.. or another R.... just give me the strength..
Zka June 
For you again: Tell me how do I face the fear?? Can you just do that for me?? Remove it from me??
Zka June
This is for you: I'm not afraid of losing you.. But I'm afraid of losing your love.. *adapted from Indonesian song :D*
Zka June 
I hope this life lesson change me into a better person...
Zka June 
It doesn't make me feel happy.. But to be alone is better than to be afraid of Fear..
Zka June
what do you think about Bilangan Fu by Ayu Utami? It is confusing.. 
What do you think about Kite Runner?? I don't think anything because I don't understand at all.. LOL..
Zka June 
tomorrow morning I'll be surprised with what I have done this night...
Zka June 
come out moon.. come out WISHING STAR*???*... come out.. come out.. Wherever you are... *OST - Winnie The Pooh*
Zka June 
writing nonsense all night long to avoid the FEAR...
Zka June 
No need to say sorry Mark.. It is okay to be accompanied by your product.. At least I don't have something to fear.. Except if you wanna close down this social network.. LOL..
Zka June 
Mark Zuckerberg, your social network is my only best friend now.. I think I'm as weird as you are..
Zka June  
You are my heart beat the reason I breath.. *Lemar - Another Day*
Zka June 
Lemar - Another Day... Lemar - Another Day... Lemar - Another Day...
Zka June 
to the Fear.. please just leave me alone.. and though I'm afraid of being alone, it is better for me to be accompanied by Loneliness than Fear..
Zka June
is it really over, between us two?
then why don' t you love me?
the way that i still love you
so many mistakes made in so little time
girl im so regretful, i must of been out of 
my mind
Zka June 
can't face this.. hate this part of my life..
Zka June 
sumarwodjo1 played SOCK for 21 points and zka played MIC for 16 points..
Zka June 
zka played LEZ for 33 points.. *to be honest, I don't know the meaning of it*
Zka June 
sumarwodjo1 played DEAD for 10 points.. *playing scrabble online*
Zka June 
Today is the last Levofloxacin.. today's meeting is dr. Waluyo.. and tomorrow will be dr. rr rahayu..
Zka June 
and someone said I called a name in sleep..
Zka June 
Z stands for Zeppelin.. but I'm not a Zeppelin.. I'm just the falling balloon.. Z stands for Zombie.. yes I am Zombie..
Zka June

to the Mars.. please forgive me..
Zka June  
I can't face this part of my life.. I cannot turn back because I do respect and care with the Rainbow, Rain, Rabbit, and another R....

Zka June 
This part of my life is called "The Falling of Helium Balloon.."

Friday, July 1, 2011

story about Rabbit..

I wanna tell you a story about a rabbit named Rabbit.. Yes, the name is Rabbit because he looks like rabbit.. Actually he is a rabbit.. That's why he looks like rabbit.. He is smart.. As smart as rabbit.. I'm happy to have a pet like him.. Rabbit is pee all the time.. That's why I'm now being hospitalized.. Having typhoid and I'm vomiting all the time..

Friday, May 20, 2011

God didn't promise that the sky would always bright..

It's true.. I've been the brightest sky ever... But you have never realized that I'm actually a thing that lives in the different place... That's why I look bright.. Because I'm a thing from another place.. When you came to me, I was brighter than ever.. Because I was so excited knowing a thing from another place wanted to see me.. I look bright because I'm not from your world.. You look shiny because you're not from my world.. It looks like the rainbow is very close to the sky.. But the sky is something you don't understand... It was too late to realize that you were not belong to me.. That the rainbow wasn't belong to the sky.. That the sky was something undefined.. It was too late.. Because I've got such a euphoria that I haven't ever got since you came to my life.. I don't know how to stop.. I've lost all of the confidence in me to face everything.. I want to try hard, really.. But suddenly I realized that you were not from my world.. Seems your language was different.. Or maybe you didn't understand the language I used.. That's why I was the brightest sky you've ever seen.. Because I AM different.. You know, it's not easy to be a person like me.. Trying hard to be confident in everything.. But actually I know that I'm different..

*I'm listening to Sheila on 7's song.. "Pasti Ku Bisa"*
*I hope you can face everything*

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Interview...

Interviewer: hahuhahuhahu (asks me to introduce myself)

Zka: hahuhahuhahu (introduce myself)

Interviewer: now please make a picture of an animal..

Zka: (draw a picture of dog that doesn't look like a dog)

Interviewer: now please show me how do you teach the kids to draw an animal..

Zka: (teach the imaginary kids to draw a turtle)

Interviewer: (pretends to be the student) I want the turtle to be on the beach...

Imaginary Zka: how about I make the turtle to be on your house..? Do you want the turtle to be on your house?

Imaginary Student: yes I want! Yes I want!! Can you draw the picture of my house?

Imaginary Zka: just take the picture home.. Take it home and the turtle is in your house.. It's simple, isn't it?