Friday, August 10, 2012

Story About 'Having Another Job Interview'

It's like facing another nightmare.. Not because I'm not accepted.. But because I have to face the interview itself.. I don't know why it is called interview.. It's more like mirrorview for me.. I have to face the difficult, 'different', tiring person on the mirror.. It doesn't mean I'm not trying.. I'm trying hard all the time.. It's like I spend all of my energy on it.. But still, I have to face the fact that I am 'different'..
Last night he came to my dream as a nightmare.. The interviewer I mean.. Seems like I'll have to face him every time I sleep..
You have your own right to keep on dreaming about what do you want to be someday.. But you have to know something, even a great artist starts to make a beautiful art by drawing a model (except elephant).. The problem is, I don't know whether I am human or elephant.. What I mean is, I am too different to other.. I don't know what I am..

This morning I got a phone call from other restaurant.. He interviewed me by phone.. It's really 'art' for me.. I don't know the idea about having job interview by phone.. *Sorry, I don't know what "interview" is in part of speech*.. Why did he do that? Why didn't he just ask me to come and face me? And the other 'art' thing is he just hired me that way.. How art the universe is..

This is the end of the story.. What's on your mind? What in my mind is how universe is trying hard to make the world looks so art in front of me..

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