Saturday, October 15, 2011

Story About 'Writing My Application Letter'..

To whom it may concern..
Wherever you are...
Whatever company you have..

Let me introduce myself.. My name is Zka.. But you can call me anything.. Anything.. I mean it.. I am 25 years old..
I need a job.. A big JOB.. But size doesn't matter.. *What am I talking about actually?? Would you offer me a JOB..?? I hope you will..
You know what? I don't have expertise in any field.. The only thing I have is just dream.. Activity I do like the most is daydreaming.. I am good at daydreaming.. As you see, my English isn't that good.. But at least you know what I mean.. What I mean is, I do really really need a job..
That's all.. I hope this letter will let me to the funniest TV program in the world..

Sincerely yours,
Zka June

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